Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to make an image into a Seamless Texture

In this weeks tutorial I introduce what a seamless texture is, when it might be used, and how to make a non-seamless texture or image into a seamless beauty. The tutorial itself only goes for about 7 minutes. Short and sweet; but then I attached some random thoughts on to the end; so if you are curious what that is feel free to watch the whole video.

Also because I am a nice guy, and I love seamless textures so much; I compiled a package of 10 seamless textures I made in Filter Forge. You are welcome to download these textures and use them for commercial or personal use. You just can't sell them, redistribute, or bundle them. Also if you mentioned where you got them I would love it.

Anyway here is the link to the textures: Here They are all seamless and 2048 x 2048 resolution. Thanks again for watching and if you have any suggestions or ideas for further tutorials please let me know.


  1. gimp has functionality to make a image seemless/tilable, check under filters/maps.

  2. Thanks Stuart, didn't know about that. I like the added control this method give though. :)

    Thanks for your comment.